Classic Violin


Steve is a qualified teacher with over ten years experience working in all kinds of schools as a Secondary music teacher, a peripatetic instrumental tutor and a freelance workshop leader. He runs Noisy Toys, crossing between music, science and technology with creative hands-on activities. He is a cellist and teaches cello as well as beginner violin, guitar and keyboard.


To start off will be playing a lot of rhythmic games, singing and using our voices and bodies to feel the beat, copy back and make up our own patterns in a fun and accessible way. Every lesson will start off with these fundamental musical foundations. We will learn new songs, mostly taken from the Forest School Camps songbook. Easy improvisation (making up and trying out your own musical ideas) will be included right from the start, with no pressure. From the second lesson onwards we will start to use simple percussion instruments, and then from lesson 3 and 4 we will all get a chance to use violins and guitars, alternating each week. Use of these instruments will take up around 1/3 of the lesson and will be accessible for complete beginners while allowing previous learners to progress. 

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