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Circus Skills

Dimitri Ogden of FlameOz will be teaching weekly circus workshops at the inspirED hub. Dimitri is a full time performer with over 20 years experience in circus. The weekly classes will focus on balance and object manipulation involving a wide range of circus equipment(unicycles, stilts, juggling balls/scarves/clubs, hula hoops, poi, staffs, flower sticks, balancing feathers, diablos, and rolla bola).

Circus workshops allow a wide range of physical abilities to engage in a process of empowerment by creating achievable graded challenges.  
Circus teach us the importance of perseverance and patience and that we can achieve our goals by breaking each one down into smaller steps. 
Circus teaches us that each minor success is build not just upon getting things right abut also upon getting things wrong and its through experimenting that we grow and develope.
And most important of all…Circus is fun!

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