Boy at Playground

For ages 5 - 7 years

Each afternoon has been intentionally designed to initially provide the space that is essential for social and emotional interaction with their peers. Free time to connect, share food, expend energy through play and movement together before coming together to begin the afternoon lessons.

For children aged 5-7 each afternoon focuses on either Music, Art, Cooking or Nature. It is delivered in a developmentally appropriate way allowing for the creative, play based approach that brings the embodied depth of experience aimed at fostering a love of learning. so rich for children of this age making the learning of each subject fun. 


Our Programs

Learning Through Play

Paint Cans

Art & Craft

Steiner inspired painting, art and making, to give our youngest children's creativity room to flourish


Getting hands on with food, to learn about how it grows, how it nourishes us, and how to prepare it with love.

Baking Ingredients
In the Forest

Forest School

Joining with our older children in nearby woodland to connect with nature, and enjoy all the adventures the natural world has to offer


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